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We thank God for Nuvet products!!

Maggie has just turned 15 years old on November 9th. Nuvet wafers and NuJoint wafers have made a big difference in her life. Years ago she was limping…I saw a Nuvet add in a magazine and ordered both the Nuvet wafers and NuJoint wafers. Maggie still jumps and runs and plays like a puppy. She had to have an eye removed 6 months ago…but bounced right back and is doing great…We thank God for Nuvet products!!

Jimmy and Carolyn
Stow, Ohio

The change in her health was nearly instantaneous.

Kya is a five-year old Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix. Due to her young age and her breed mixture, she was full of energy and loved to play and explore. About two years ago, my husband and I noticed that she was slowing down. While she could still run and play with her sister Shelby, an American Dingo with boundless energy, she wasn’t quite as energetic as she had been. Kya was also gaining weight rapidly, which caused her joints to be stiff and sore. At her highest, she was 113 pounds, and her ideal weight should be around 75 pounds. After some bloodwork, Kya’s vet determined that her thyroid was not functioning properly, so she was prescribed Soloxine. She was also on a high-quality, grain-free diet. This combination helped some; Kya lost about 25 pounds and her energy increased (these pictures show Kya before she slimmed down to her current, healthy weight). She wasn’t quite back to her normal self, though, and had hit a plateau in her weight loss. We began researching supplements and found NuVet Plus. After adding NuVet Plus to her diet, the change in her health was nearly instantaneous. She now runs and plays like she did in her puppy days. In addition, she’s lost the rest of that extra weight, and her joints don’t bother her anymore. Best of all, Kya and Shelby both love the taste of their NuVet Plus, and beg for their daily treat!

Maggie O.
Marion, IL

My dogs LOVE NuVet Plus.

My dogs LOVE NuVet. They are picky eaters but eat NuVet like treats and look forward to them each day.
I own a boarding kennel and a client carried her old lab in to board for three weeks. The dog had been unable to stand and walk for the past couple of weeks and her owner had been carrying the dog whenever she needed to go in or out. The owner stated that she did not expect the dog to be alive when she returned, she was declining rapidly.
With her permission, I started the dog on NuVet Plus. After a week, the dog was standing and shuffling outside on her own. After two weeks the dog was walking and trotting. When the owner returned – the dog was dancing! It was a tearful reunion. The owner was amazed; she said her dog actually JUMPED into the back of the truck; something she had not been able to do for years. This dog and her owner enjoyed another four years together before crossing the rainbow bridge.
Thanks NuVet Plus for extending the length and quality of the lives of our pets.

Deanna B.
Dillingham, AK

The results are amazing.

.. After much research a switch to a raw diet and giving him the nuvet plus supplements….The results are amazing. I had him on and off prednisone to control the itching but was so bad for him. It makes so much sense that dogs (like people)…their immune system gets taxed only making them more sensitive to everything. The supplements completely stopped the itching and his coat is thick, shiny and healthy. Thank you so much!

Audrey and Atticus
Santa Barbara, CA

I have to thank you for this wonderful product!

I don’t usually write comments about products but I have to thank you for this wonderful product that has helped my eight year old Puggle, Zach. Zach has had severe skin issues for years and my local vet kept giving me expensive meds and shampoos that were difficult to administer and showed no results. After using your product for about 60 days, Zach’s skin has returned to normal and his itching and scratching has finally stopped.
…I wanted to share a success story with you. I started out with 1 and 1/2 tablets daily and I am now giving him one tablet daily for preventative maintenance. He loves the taste and thinks he is getting a treat…
Thank you for a great product and please keep up the good work!

Rose M.
Johnston, RI

Nuvet has given a young dog his life back!

Wilber is a 4 year old rescue. Someone threw him in a dumpster when he was 2 days old and he’s had medical issues ever since. Wilber tore his ACL at the age of two…He’s my mess. For a long time nothing seemed to help his hips. He could hardly get up from a lay down position and when he did he could hardly put weight on the surgery side of his hips. I tried getting him on other glucose supplements, but he wouldn’t eat them and it was a daily struggle to get him to swallow them!
Finally I ran across NuVet online and decided to try it. Best day of my life. Wilber LOVES them. He eats them like treats, so it’s not a daily battle getting his supplements down. And his health has improved immensely! He still has a bad day every once in a while, but 99% percent of the days he’s a normal dog! I really thought his quality of life would be minimal at such a young age, but Nuvet has given a young dog his life back!

Rachel D.
Siloam Springs, AR


The results are terrific.

I have used NuVet since my Basset Hound puppy, Althea, arrived. She is now six months old and remains in perfect health with a dark brown coat that is so shiny that almost every person she meets comments on it. I expect to use the product throughout her life as the results are terrific.

Lee W.
Phoenix, AZ

I believe NuVet Plus has give Gretchen a new and long lease on life.

Gretchen turned 14 yrs old yesterday. German Shepherds as most larger dogs struggle with hip issues causing…immobility. Without a doubt I believe NuVet Plus has given Gretchen a new and longer lease on life. I see increased comfort and she continues the fun “trotting” after the ball at dog park. Thank you so very much.

Evelyn M.
Morristown, NJ

Too bad that you don’t make this for humans!

Our 11 year old Springer has suffered…for many years. We took her to the best university in Canada…and since have to inject her weekly at a cost of $20 each. I was very skeptical of NuVet but am now a convert!!
No more scratching and licking.
Too bad that you don’t make this for humans!

Indian Shores, FL

I decided to order NuVet Plus K-9

We have a 13 year old white miniature schnauzer named Otto. He started showing his age real bad in 2015. It got to the point where I had to carry him out to do his duty. He was not very active and we worried about him getting close to the end of his life.

I came across a NuVet Labs website on the Internet. After reading all about your products on the website I decided to order a NuVet Plus K-9. I gave Otto two wafers per day for two weeks as stated in your instructions. By the end of that two weeks I could see a big difference in my dog. Then I switched to one wafer a day. He has got better all along, more active and when I ask him if he wants to go for a walk or to go bye-bye, he jumps around like a young pup and get so excited. He is more like his old self since he’s been on your product NuVet Plus. It is good having him back to being part of the family. We are on our second bottle of NuVet Plus and we will continue buying this for Otto for the rest of his life.

Thank you very much.

Donald McVey and Otto
Shelbyville, IN

Gizmo loves NuVet Plus!

My dog Gizmo loves NuVet Plus! At 5lbs he only gets a half tablet each day, but even though he leaves some of his food in his bowl after eating, he always licks up every trace of the NuVet Plus. In fact, he loves NuVet Plus so much, when the package arrives in the mail, I just ask him to open it and it’s open in just a few minutes. Gizmo is a 9 year old 5lb Maltese. He is smart and energetic.  He loves kids and older folks… 

Terry V. Bush
Los Altos, CA


I am writing today to tell you about an amazing product outcome. I started my then 3 year old, 40 lb. female Field Spaniel, Jillie, on NuVet Plus K-9 in June 2014. Her problem was excessive scratching. The itching seemed to be contagious because my then 2 year old male Papillon mix, Andre, 12 lb., also began to scratch as well. It was very upsetting to see how miserable they were. It was constant…all day and all night…the scratching never seemed to slow down. I would tell them to stop, but of course, that didn’t change anything. Their regular diet is very high quality, all natural dog food (rendered lamb meal & brown rice). I recently switched to all natural, grain free (chicken, rice, pumpkin and sweet potato). So, I really didn’t understand where the itchy skin was coming from.

After a few months, I called your Customer Service, and was informed that I should double the dose for a while and see if the itching would lessen…out of nowhere, my dogs STOPPED SCRATCHING. I thought it was my imagination, but there it was…PEACE AT LAST. I was astonished that your product had actually done what you said it would do. In the beginning, I wasn’t at all sure it would…kind of like the old fashioned "snake oil" back in the day.

And so, not only are both my dogs peaceful at last, Jillie, who is now 4, is acting very unlike herself. She NEVER played with toys as a pup or later on for that matter. But NOW, she’s acting like a small pup and actively seeks out toys to play with and throw around. Also, when I would give her commands, her normal attitude would be to slowly and calmly walk over and do what I asked. NOW, she races over in a playful mode and SITS PRETTY, excitedly looking straight into my eyes as though she’s saying, "Ok Mom, I’m here .. WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?"  SO FABULOUS! I ask her, "Jillie, who are you???  You’re a NEW GIRL!"  I definitely was hoping your vitamins would help her, but I NEVER EXPECTED A TOTAL PERSONALITY CHANGE … WOW!
I certainly don’t know what’s in your vitamins, but if you have any for humans, SIGN ME UP!  

M.D. Ballard
Felton, DE

He looks like a totally new dog!

I actually purchased the Nuvet Supplements for another dog, but I started Mac, our Westie, on them too. In two weeks his fur began growing in and we could no longer see his skin on his legs and belly. We had assumed that his "lack of beauty" was just the way he was! He is so white and fluffy and hairy and robust now, that he looks like a totally new dog! He has quit leaving his white hair on everything, and he thinks he’s a snow dog because he keeps rolling in the snow like he is always cooling off! NuVet is a keeper!

Breanda Walkeden
Ardrossan, AB


A fountain of youth for my best friends.

I want to thank you for your AMAZING supplement. I am so grateful you developed it and that I found NuVet. My dogs Scrappy and Doo Dah Day are seniors with different health issues that have significantly improved and now they run and play like they are young again.  It has been like a fountain of youth for my best friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Michelle F.
Las Vegas, NV

Your product really has helped improve the lives of my again babies.

I want to start off by saying that it is very rare for me to ever feel so strong or confident in a product. Even more so to write the company that makes those products to thank them. As a matter of fact, I’ve only done it once, ever, before now. But after using your product, NuVet Plus, for only 2 weeks, you have turned my life and my dogs lives’ completely around. And I mean that in the best way possible!

I will admit that I thought there was a big possibility it wasn’t going to work because I couldn’t believe this product could hold up to half of the claims. I saw people opposing it on skeptical vet forums, saying it was "Snake Oil" and wasn’t worth the money…But I figured with the 60 day money back guarantee, I might as well try it. And if anything I was still giving them good natural supplements, so nothing to lose really. So here we are and I couldn’t be happier only 2 weeks in!

It’s hard for me not to go on and on because I am just absolutely floored by the results so far. So, I will try to keep it as brief as I can. Your product really has helped improve the lives of my aging babies.

I’ll start with my 11yr old Shepherd/Lab mix, Maggie. She has struggled with weight issues the last couple of years…skin and coat issues, all of which have racked up thousands and thousands of dollars (no joke) in vet bills…over the years because of the complications they have caused. I’ve done everything and I mean everything from making sure her diet, food/treats, exercise, are in line with what dogs should have. Countless Vets have gotten to the point of telling me ridiculous ways of helping her for all her issues…Let’s just say, for every issue she’s had, I’ve never once in the entire time I’ve had her, left a vets office feeling like we even were close to a good natural solution. The change that has occurred since she’s taken this product is amazing beyond words!

…Since she’s taken NuVet Plus…Her weight is becoming more manageable. Her skin and coat is getting better. Less shedding and dander. She has more energy and…Her overall health has changed dramatically for the better. Well beyond anything I could have expected.

My dog Bubba is 16 yrs old. He has always been happy, goofy, and playful up until 3yrs…His back legs started to give out on him and it was very hard for him to get up or walk around very well. He was out of it a lot. Not responsive, aware, or playful anymore…There have been a couple times recently when we really thought it was the end for him. Even Vets saying we need to consider putting him down. I knew there was/still is a lot of life in him, not because of selfishness, but because you could see it in his actions and personality. He wanted to do more but couldn’t. It was tearing me up that there was no good solutions for him either. Well, at least until we started him on NuVet Plus 2 weeks ago.

…He’s extremely active, responsive…better skin/coat, he’s getting up easier, Wanting to play. And mind you He’s 16yrs old! His overall health has given him a better lease on life, finally!

As I mentioned, I could go on forever about what this product has done for these two dogs. But I will try to end with this…

There is absolutely no denying this works on a number of different and troubling issues that a lot of dog owners usually suffer through trying to help their companions. Hands down the best product I have ever come across. You have changed and likely extended the lives of my dogs and our little family. I rave about it to all my friends and family over social media and will continue to do so. I have already convinced a couple of friends to try it and with only a few days in, they are starting to see a positive change in their pets…If this doesn’t do any more than what it already has, in just two weeks, it has already paid for itself 10 fold.

I can’t thank you enough for giving my dogs more energy, playfulness and more life…I wish we found you much sooner. You, without a doubt, have improved the lives of my two aging babies, as well as my own. We all are ever so grateful. You have brought tears of joy and amazement to my eyes, and that’s a very very hard thing to do. Thank you.

Stephen C.
Tampa, FL